I believe storytelling is our greatest marketing asset.

Our world is obsessed with stories. Think about it. Why do we sit on the edge of our seats when a friend is in the middle of telling us about something crazy that happened? Why do get choked up when we read an article about someone who overcame a difficult challenge? Why is the term “binge-watching” now part of our lexicon?

It’s the power of storytelling. And the best part is not only do stories move us, they inspire us to take action.

With every piece of content I write — from long-form articles to customer case studies — I strive to craft it in a way that will serve the reader, and ultimately, convince them to take action.

In the 5-plus years of my writing career, I’ve been published in several consumer and trade magazines, covering everything from a hospital striving to be healthier, to the history of a collegiate running organization, to the algal blooms plaguing Lake Erie. And while the subjects I write about have changed over the years, I continue to enjoy the challenge of gathering information and turning it into engaging stories.


My story…

Growing up, I was often told that I “asked too many questions” and I “thought too much.”

Despite the clear message that some people found those traits annoying, their comments never deterred me. Instead, I combined them with my love of storytelling to build a career.

After graduating from Ball State University with a degree in Magazine Journalism, I spent five years working for trade publications — including one that received the Newsletter of the Year award by the American Society of Business Publication Editors while I served as managing editor.

Now located in Spartanburg, S.C., I continue to use my inquisitive nature and desire for knowledge to tell stories and write content that’ll capture the reader’s attention while providing them with useful information. 

Work with me and you’ll learn…

I love running. I’ve run everything from 5Ks to marathons and qualifying/running the Boston Marathon is No. 1 on my bucket list.

I run off to Lake Erie wine country in New York in the summer as often as I can, because it’s my favorite place in the world. Plus it has concord wine (which I think is very underrated).

I’m happiest outside in warm weather, so after living in Wisconsin for four years, I’m thrilled that South Carolina is my new home.

I really do love writing. When I’m not freelance writing, I’m usually working on something for my personal blog.

I’m a cat person and currently have a quirky little calico. I also have a galgo (Spanish greyhound), and contrary to popular belief, he’s just as lazy as my cat.