If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you know you need content. Or maybe you already have content, but it needs to be better.

Here’s how I can help.


Articles & Blog Posts

My specialty is delivering high-quality content that fits in your marketing strategy by providing the right info to the right audience in the right tone and format.

None of that fluffy, cheap, click-bait stuff.

I use my journalism skills to research, interview and write articles and blog posts that provide valuable information to your customer or prospective customer. Whether you need a 3,000-word article with several sources or a 500-word blog post that will generate leads, my goal is to make every piece of content worth reading.


Case Studies

Storytelling is your greatest marketing asset and one of the best stories you can tell is how your product or service made a difference to someone else. When I write your case study I will learn about your company, interview your customer about their experience, and craft it in a way that is compelling and clearly illustrates how your product or service solved your customer’s problem and improved their life or business.