Let’s turn your happy customers into one of your greatest marketing assets.

Our world is obsessed with stories. We watch them on TV. We read them in books and magazines. We tell them to our friends. We share them on social media. And when we hear a really good one, we like to pass it on.

They’re powerful enough to influence our feelings, change our minds, and help us see the world in a different light.

Your happy customers have the best stories for your business: how your product or service solved their problems.

But those stories aren’t going to make a difference in your business if they’re not told right. Your potential customer is never going to learn how your business saved the day if the story doesn’t draw them in right from the start. That story’s not going to convince them of the benefits they’ll see if it doesn’t clearly address your customer’s previous challenges and how they were solved.

Your customer may have an incredible story to share, but if it’s not attracting and engaging your target audience, it’ll fall on deaf ears.

That’s where I come in. With a background in journalism, I ask your customers the questions that will dig up the details needed to craft a story that will keep your prospects reading from beginning to end. And ultimately, turn them into your next happy customers.


Why hire me to write your case study/success story?

♦ I’ll do my homework. Having worked on publications in industries I had no background in, I know how to do my research. When you hire me to write your customer case study, I’ll dedicate time to learning about your business and what your goals are before ever reaching out to your customer.

♦ I’ll ask the right questions. I’ve conducted hundreds of interviews in my career on everything from art galleries to farming. I know what to ask to get the information I’m looking for and how to ask it so there are plenty of anecdotes and details to share.

♦ I’ll make it engaging. The difference between a review or testimonial and a success story is the story. I’ll write it in a way that keeps your prospective customers’ eyes glued to the page from beginning to end.

♦ I’ll handle the review process. Too busy to go back and forth with your customer to get approvals? Let me be your middle man. After the draft is completed, I’ll send it to you for review, then back to your customer for approval, and handle all edits and changes until we have a case study everyone is happy with.


Have a question? Ready to work together?

Send me an email at laurarosebarrera [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll respond within 24 hours (except on weekends). My rates vary by project.