Growing up, I was often told that I thought too much and asked too many questions.

The message was clear: my insatiably curious mind could get on others’ nerves. So I learned to channel my thirst for knowledge and understanding by combining it with my love of writing for a career in journalism.

After graduating from Ball State University with a degree in Magazine Journalism in 2011, I ventured into the world of trade publications, eventually climbing up the masthead ladder to managing editor for a magazine in Milwaukee.

But when my husband landed a job some 800 miles away in South Carolina after earning his PhD in math (#proudwife), I was ready to set up shop as an entrepreneur and get back to what I really loved: writing.

Which brings us to the present. When I’m not outside basking in the warm, southern temps, I’m at my computer, using my inquisitive nature and love of storytelling to write content that’ll capture the reader’s attention while providing them valuable information.

Work with me and you’ll learn…

I love running. I’ve run everything from 5Ks to marathons and qualifying/running the Boston Marathon is No. 1 on my bucket list.

 Lake Erie wine country in New York is my favorite place in the world and I try to spend as much time there every summer as possible. 

I’m happiest outside in warm weather, so after living in Wisconsin for four years, I’m thrilled that South Carolina is my new home.

I really do love writing. When I’m not freelance writing, I’m usually working on something for my personal blog.

I’m a cat person and currently have a quirky little calico. I also have a galgo (Spanish greyhound), and contrary to popular belief, he’s just as lazy as my cat.